The 2020 FEEG Symposium organized by the Dutch Gemmological Insitute will take place on Saturday, January the 25th 2020 in Schoonhoven. Additional events will be organized on January the 26th and 27th 2020 along with the Gemmologisch Gilde Nederland celebrating their 25th Anniversary





Confirmed speakers : 

  • Rui Galopim de Carvalho 

About Rui: having enrolled in the Geology Course at the University of Lisbon, where his graduation Seminar was on the colour in tourmaline, Rui got his FGA and DGA diplomas at Gem-A.  He is the founder and editor of Portugal Gemas and vice-president of the Coral Commission for "CIBJO – The World Jewellery Confederation".  He serves as Associate Editor of the peer reviewed gemmological magazine "The Journal of Gemmology" and contributor at the "Gems & Jewellery" News. Regular speaker on gemmologial international events.  In a word: "Passionate".  

  • Lore Kiefert 

About Lore: Lore is Chief Gemmologist at Gübelin Gem Lab.  She started studying Mineralogy in Heidelberg, Germany in 1981 and completed her Master's thesis on the origin of sapphires in 1987.  She moved to Australia to study the mineralogical and chemical composition of desert dust, which earned her a PhD in 1996.  She joined the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute as Deputy Director in 1994 and took the responsability of Director of Coloured Stones Department on top.  She completed her FGA Diploma in 1998.  In 2005, Lore moved to New York to head the AGTA Gemological Testing Center as a Laboratory Director and ultimately joined the Gübelin Gem Lab as Chief Gemmologist in October 2009.  She has authored and co-authored over 100 publications in gemmological and scientific journals.  She regularly delivers gemmological lectures at conferences worldwide.  Lore is also part of the editorial review board of "Gems & Gemology" and the "Journal of Gemmology", as well as member of the LMHC (Laboratory Manual Harmonisation Committee).  She was awarded professorship at Tongji University in Shanghai, China 2017, where she regularly conducts workshops and lectures. 

  • Tom Stephan 

About Tom: M.Sc. Geologist, Research Scientist, Educater, Lecturer, works at the German Gemmological Association (DGemG).  Writer of articles in the "Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gemmologischen Gesellschaft" and contributions in the  "Gem Notes" of the "Journal of Gemmology"

  • Hanco Zwaan

About Hanco: PhD in Gemmology and Mineralogy, Director of the Gemmological Laboratory of the Netherlands, Researcher, Lecturer and Author of numerous peer reviewed gemmological articles in Gems & Gemology and the Journal of Gemmology. He is a world-wide authority for his research on emeralds, especifically the emeralds of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Winner of the G&G "Dr. Edward Gübelin most valuable Article Award " for his article “Copper-bearing Tourmaline from Mozambique”  in 2008. Hanco is also President of the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) Gemmological Commission.

  • Emmanuel Fritsch

About Emmanuel: Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch, is a professor of physics at the University of Nantes. He holds a geological engineering degree from the ENSG, Nancy, and a Ph.D. from the Sorbonne in Paris. He worked for nearly ten years at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has been GIA Research Manager from 1992 to 1995. His research is currently conducted at the Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN-CNRS) in Nantes. He is the author of numerous publications in international peer reviewed journals.  He was awarded both the "Antonio C. Bonanno Award" for excellence in gemology and the Honorary Fellowship Diploma from GEM-A in 2013.

  • Ya’akov Almor

About Ya’akov: strategic consultant, communication specialist and project manager with some 30 years of experience in the international diamond, gemstone and jewellery industry.  He holds a master’s degree from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, completed post-graduate studies at the University of Tel Aviv and is a certified gemmologist. He served as Editor-in-Chief of the World Diamond Magazine and as business development consultant at GEM-A.  He has recently been appointed by the International Diamond Exchange (IDEX) as new Editor-in-Chief of IDEX Online and Magazine.  

  • John C. Benjamin

About John: John Benjamin FGA, DGA, FIRV began his career in 1972 at Cameo Corner, the celebrated Bloomsbury antique jewelers. In 1976 he joined Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers where he became International Director of Jewellery with responsibility for the sale programmes in London and Geneva. In 1999 he established his own jewellery consultancy. He is author, lecturer and broadcaster and gives presentations on a range of jewellery-related topics. He is author of “Starting To Collect Antique Jewellery”.  For over 25 years he has been a regular contributor to BBC Television’s ever-popular Antiques Roadshow. John is a Court Assistant and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars.

The highlight of our happening will be the annual Diploma Ceremony during which the new European Gemmologists will receive their well deserved European Gemmologist Diploma – on a boat!! The Diploma Ceremony will be animated by Richard Drucker president of Gemworld International and Guy Lalous Chairman of FEEG. 

Confirmed workshops

  • Alan Hodgkinson: "Visual Optics"

About Alan: he is a Gemmologist, Educator, Author and Lecturer.  Alan is dedicated to bringing gemmology to a wider audience.  His credentials and Accreditations include: President of the Scottish Gemmological Association, First winner (in 2000) of the "Antonio C. Bonanno Award" for Contributions to Gemmology.  He is a Honorary Member of the Canadian Gemmological Association as well as Honorary Life Member of GEM-A, the Scottish Gemmological Association and the American Gem Traders’ Association.  Author of “Visual Optics” and "Gem Testing Techniques"   

  • Richard Drucker: "Gemguide"

About Richard:  he is the president of Gemworld International, Inc. in Glenview, Illinois. His credentials include: Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America; Honorary Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain; Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers; Senior Gemologist, Accredited Gemologists Association. In 2006, he was bestowed the "Antonio C. Bonanno" Excellence in Gemology industry award. In 2012 he was awarded honorary fellowship in the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA). Richard now serves as publisher, appraiser, consultant, lecturer, and author. 

  • Menahem Sevdermish: "Gemewizard" 

About Menahem: he is considered as a world-leading expert in gemmology and precious stones. He holds an FGA diploma with honors issued by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. He is the author of "The Dealer`s Book of Gems and Diamonds" and wrote numerous peer reviewed articles in magazines such as "Gems & Gemology" and the "Journal of Gemmology". He is actively engaged in the development of Gemewizard, the revolutionary digital gem-color description technology and its applications. 

Stay tuned!!!

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