What is FEEG? Let us tell you a little bit more about who we are and what we do...

The Federation for European Education in Gemmology (FEEG) was set-up in 1995 to create a pan-European gemmology qualification that would be recognized by all bodies and institutions across Europe.

Every year the graduates of these institutes can participate, in their own language, in a test on their theoretical and working gemmological knowledge to achieve this European certification.

Currently FEEG is conducted in ten distinct centers across Europe including, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium and Italy and can currently be taken in 5 different languages. To find out how to apply to take the FEEG examination, follow the simple steps outlined below:


How do I apply? We'll guide you through - now here's what you need to do

Complete your local qualification

First you must have completed a relevant training course with one of the FEEG centres.

Choose a centre and get in contact

Choose where you want to sit the FEEG and contact the centre to find out what their FEEG application process is.

Make application and get studying!

Submit an application to your chosen centre, who will provide you with any learning resources they offer FEEG students.

Take the exam & be successful

Turn up to your chosen centre on the arranged date & time. Take the exam. Pass it. Go on to be a European success story!



Teaching Centers Choose from 11 different centers from across Europe

Student Testimonials Find out what our students say about us


Johanna Carrey

“The FEEG exam was a great way to refresh and revitalise my gemmological knowledge with an exciting new challenge. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their international credentials.” Lizzie Gleave, FGA DGA - Gemmology Tutor, Gem-A, UK

Paul Braddy

“I found the practical exam a great way to challenge my gemmology skills - four hours sounds like adequate time to analyse and identify 12 stones, but once you get into the exam, you quickly realise it isn't! ” Natalie Harris, FGA DGA, Gem-A, UK

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